Poemes by Hami Hassan

These are poems extracted from original novels in English, French, and Arabic. They are related to the story told. Details are inserted in the synopsis that can be found in the Books Section.

However, original poems never published before may be added in the process.

Poems in English

Poems from the Short Stories Book: “Twisting Towards the Rolling Stones”, 2016

Poems from the Novel “Scratches Never Heal”, 2015

Poems from the Novel: “Sparkling Ashes over the Rainbow”, 2014

Poems from the Novel “The Seagulls’ Wake-Up Whispers”, 2020

Poèmes en français

Poèmes tirés du roman : ‘ La Réglisse’

Poèmes tirés du roman : ‘Les larmes du cactus’

Poèmes Tirés du roman : ‘’Le chant des cascades’’, 2005

Poems in Arabic

عابرُ سَبيل

رجاءً، رجاءً

سخريةٌ خريفية

مواعيد هكذا

إني أذكــرُ

اعترافُ الهزيعِ الأخير



حُفِظَ الملف

رهانٌ في مهب الريح


 مِنهَا الفِعل