Poems from the Novel “The Seagulls’ Wake-Up Whispers”, 2020

I won’t drink from the same glass twice,
Dearest, for God’s sake, don’t get me wrong!
I just don’t like melty ice at any price…
Sometimes, being thirsty makes me strong
I don’t like to fly with a broken wing
Or, God forbid, on one leg, I dance
But I sometimes dare to swing
And warm at first glance

Dreaming Away

One day,
After so much flying away,
You will open your eyes wide
And a scintillating light
Will guide your mind
And take over your hesitation
You are ready to fight
And redeem your expectations
To win back your freedom
You will surely find your lost way
You may shake sometimes,
And, sometimes, you may sway
But eventually, as time flies,
You will defeat your curved temptation
And taste the flavor of wisdom

Besieged Freedom

You set me free —Thank you!
This wasn’t what I wanted
It’s hard to believe you did it!
Now, I know that nothing is taken for granted
And sure, you perfectly screwed it
Even though I sometimes understand you,
And figure out the reason,
I can’t help hating you
For not fighting for us
You aren’t even able to perceive
The magnitude of your treason
Or the best way to properly leave
You failed your first real task
Now, I clearly see the mask
You’ve been wearing it, my dear
 For almost a year
And despite my friends’ warning,

I raised my glass to us
Every day without frowning,
And blindly took the colorful bus
With you, hoping my old wounds
Will heal at a glance
So, I will resume my dance
On my legs, both
Thank you!  Thank you!
For being such an unfaithful friend
And a love swindler
Thank you! Thank you!
For breaking your oath
No one but you can be that traitor.

It’s a pity you have no heart
I hope you will have a new start
And be yourself, not anybody’s puppet
You can’t claim to be part of the game
When you are the perfect gadget
Because, excuse me! You are such a shame!
Even though I take all the blame,
For believing in us,
And ending up in smeary grass

It’s not true that we learn from our inner mistakes
Or heal at will from our endemic ache

I hope when you get the story right,
You’ll start to fight
For what you believe in
And reignite your sound thinking,
Instead of assuming without blinking
That you have faith. Faith in what?
Take my advice: stay humble and do math!
Hence, don’t get me wrong!
This is neither a peace offer
Nor an open gate,
So, you may come back,
Though I believe it’s too late

Despite everything, I will remain strong
I don’t care about my future order
Trust me, I have more than one arrow in my quiver
And I’m sure this quagmire won’t last forever
I don’t need to take a blood test
To prove I am immune and clean
Nor do I need to burn your portraiture,

To show to what extent I could be mean.
I don’t need to move from simmer to boil,
I am a good grain in fertile soil
I don’t need to take a polygraph test
The truth stands for the core, not the zest.

It’s a shame
You can’t even say my name
Before thinking twice
You may play as you wish,
But I am not your dice
You can’t even pick up the phone,
You are a shameful rolling stone!
I believe in poetic justice,
You’ll stay forever alone
Useless and out of practice

How about me now?
Someone is stepping into my life,
No excuse I get to advance
Or to turn him down
This time, I’ll take my chance
I won’t blush or frown

Fearless, trust me, I am
Don’t ever bother to think
I will eventually sink
I will swim with him and dive
I know he believes in the number five
So, I won’t slam
The door this number may open
This happens very often
When you turn the page
And leave the golden cage.

Certainly this time, I will save my face,
Recover my draining energy
And proudly surface
To definitely regain my genuine place
Among people who really get my full confidence,
And leave charades such as misfortune and coincidence
To people like you who are stuck in the past
And pretend that time flies fast
I’ll always be first, never last
I still believe in the sanctity of love
Because I’m not a cursed seagull,
No!  I’m a blessed white dove

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