Poems from the Novel “Scratches Never Heal”, 2015

A Furtive Kiss

You have to know, but knowledge is devil
It leaves you, in the end, thrown in the middle
You give yourself to bargain and trade
And your soul is sold to a witch and a jade
Listen to your heart, because it doesn’t lie
When time is sharp, it turns dry
And you and us, we just fly
Like a furtive kiss in the last good-bye…

Sacred Land

Sacred is our land, but who’d be knowing
Why dust always keeps infusing
Sparks of hatred in a peaceful face
And leaves a deadly, venomous trace?
He who tries the pain squeeze
Like a firework, will tease the breeze,
And you, our unexpected guests,
Dust will bury you in its disdainful nests
All the practices of death are the same,
Though, in appearances, they stand for a vibrant claim

Whatever I say, baby may!  
I think of you night and day.
Don’t lose your temper; love is not a game!
Since knowing you, my life has not been the same


Nine, One, One
Tell me, who burned the sun?
Bring about lightning and thunder,
In the heat of September?
Sad month announcing the fall,
And victimizing mankind, all.

Tic Tac…

Tic Tac, Tic Tac…
A new storm over the Potomac
My wallet was stolen,
God! I will miss my Big Mac.
Bridges are shaken
 Hopefully, no earthquake!
Give me a break,
And leave, for God’s sake!


When I say do it, do it!
There’s no way to forget if you forget!
Breathe love into my mouth.
And let’s head for the south.
To the unforgettable New Orleans,
Where music feeds the orphans,
Where God has built a shelter,
And brought about harmony and order

Carry On

You can get me, but what you’ll get is a body!
No sorrow will be forged over my body!
If you’re looking for blood, please target my body!
There is no better well of forgiveness than my body!
Carry on!
Carry on!
Carry on!
Carry on! You’ve got the truth. Stop arguing!
Carry on! Love is love — keep going!
Carry on! Enough claim— use your brain!
Carry on! Such a shame—life is vain!


Sure, I am here, but I will not stay
Forever, because I do not like the play
You, my dear, are performing today.
Take it or leave it —or better yet, sway!
I have been taught to think twice,
Before skating on silky ice,
Full of people seemingly nice.
Sure, life and death have no price!

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