Maritime Issues in the Age of Complex Interdependence

Morocco’s vision is perceived in of what is called ‘open regionalism.’

Morocco launched an initiative to set up an institutional framework open to the 23 African countries bordering the Atlantic with the aim of promoting security, stability, and shared prosperity. The Policy Center for the New South hosted an important conference on “the strategic challenges of maritime spaces in the Africa Atlantic” on April 16, 2024. […]

Interdependence in the Morocco-USA-Africa Triangular Partnership

Moroccan and US flags

For at least the past four decades, the U.S. has considered Morocco one of its most reliable and credible models on the African continent. The international system is going through a difficult transition. The old paradigms that helped to understand the mechanisms of functioning of political, economic, social and cultural institutions no longer meet the […]

In Geopolitics: The Use of Pretexts as State Doctrine Destroys the State (Part I)

Photo shows King Mohammed VI, France President Emmanuel Macron, Spain PM Pedro Sanchez and Algeria President Abdelmadjid Tebboune

Algeria is stuck in an ahistorical past as it continues to use the pretexts of decolonization and self-determination to challenge Morocco’s sovereignty over its southern provinces. Comments about the French Foreign Minister’s visit to Rabat last week have sparkled like ever before. Expectations, as witnessed in the aftermath of the visit of the Spanish head […]

Mostafa Naffi

Mostafa Naffi

Who is Mostafa Naffi? Mostafa Naffi embodies a profound, deeply rooted connection between creation and existence. His artistic journey, spanning over four decades, is marked by a distinctive and unwavering exploration of Moroccan craft mediums that go beyond the traditional use of brushes and canvas. Drawing inspiration from the profound belief of Rainer Maria Rilke, […]

عابرُ سَبيل

من يكونُ عابرُ السبيلِهذا الذي لم يتوقَّفبِبابِي؟هل أزعجهُ لونهُ؟رقمهُ؟موقعهُ؟هل خافَ أن يصيبهُ الغثيانمن رائحةِ الطعام؟هل خافَ أن أسرقَهُ ؟أن أسجنهُ ؟أن أمنعهُمن الكلام؟ من يكونُ عابرُ السبيلِهذا الذي لم يكترِثلوجودي؟هل صدقَ ما يقولهُ الجيران؟عن بُخليَ المزعومو وقاحتي أمامَ الزوار؟و كيفَ لم يقف ببابِ أحَد؟من أسرَّ إليهِبأنَّ لا سلامَ في الجوار؟و بأنَّ أكرمَ الناسِ بينَنالا يؤمِّنُ […]

Transition politique et retour diplomatique: le rituel casse-tête en Algérie

Hami Hassan

Une énième réunion du Haut Conseil de sécurité, un rituel qui frise la mégalomanie, et voilà une annonce au plus haut sommet de l’État algérien, sans sourcil froncé, de la création d’une zone de libre-échange entre l’Algérie, la Mauritanie, le Mali, le Niger, la Libye, le Tchad et la Tunisie. Surprise des observateurs ? Pas […]