Hassan Hami
4 February 2024

A Flavor of Friendship

Words like Farewell and Goodbye

Bring about unbearable confusion

For they might imply

That the fare is fair,

And so long is a dare!

Such an illusion!

It will be, ironically, vain

To steadily run an emotion

As it is about to fly

Around wells of joy and pain

And tirelessly try and try

To squeeze unforgettable moments

Shared in a glory past

Hoping they would forever last

They are framed in a hazy farewell

Or, at the best,

In a mazy goodbye!

Such a deep incision!

Dear Sevil and Lutful

And the family all

As you embrace the horizon

I hope you’ll have a full sail

And also a good reason

And, even if it happens, the States

May your enthusiasm curtail!

Do not forget, at any expense,

To drop an email,

So, you close the distance!

And make our friendship

At every glance

An unfinished fairy tale!

                                                                                             Hassan Hami,

                                                                                           Baku, June 10th 2016

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